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Selling with AvantStay means maximizing your home's exposure to a global network of destination home buyers


Why sell with AvantStay


Jessica Smith

2h ago

Just closed a few deals, thank you all for support!


Kim Stanley

1h ago

Congrats, Jesse! Great job 🎉!

If you’ve worked with AvantStay before, you understand that we provide the best services for our clients. Our agent network is composed of the top agents in vacation destinations throughout the country.

  • We provide the best services

    We’ll guide you with data and expertise specific to your market, including rental trends and seasonality.

  • Top agents by market

    We’ve curated the top agents by market, so you’re one simple call away from selling.

  • List without being in market

    We are in the market so you don’t have to be. Our model is made for you to sell your home remotely and maximize return on your investment.

How it works


Hassle-free closing

Is your home booked for the vacation season? No problem! We will help you navigate a smooth transition away from your property and onto your next goals.

Exposure and review offers

Your home will be presented to our buyers for your market even before it syndicates to national listing sites. You review all collected offers, and our team will ensure you achieve your goals.

Connect with the right agent

Our top agents work with you to set the right price for your vacation home, taking into account existing bookings and your own vacation plans.

Get strategic market advice

We'll discuss your goals and align on the best strategy to get you there. We are a tech enabled platform, so whether you are located down the street or across the pond, we will make this and future meetings all hands-off.

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Sara Kruse

Head of Brokerage at AvantStay

United States
AvantStay Real Estate, Inc CA License Number: 02150109. Licensed Real Estate Broker Sean Breuner CA License Number: 01754314. AvantStay, Inc. CA license number: 02148122.
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Explore all of your options as you consider selling your home. Let us run a customized income report showing how much passive income you could make as a short-term rental.

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